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 Setting up your profile

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adam antichrist
adam antichrist

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Setting up your profile Empty
PostSubject: Setting up your profile   Setting up your profile EmptyFri Oct 30, 2009 5:50 am

OK, here are some tips. You can change elements of your profile from the profile tab on the main menu beneath the banner. We may change the location of this in future, but for now there it is.


* settings here allow you to change your password/username etc. if you so desire.


* nobody can leave comments on your profile unless you friend them or change your setting to "all members" in the "Allow visitors messages on my profile" field

* in order for your sig to display you have to enable it here

* the default setting is for no direct email contact, change this if you want to allow people to email you through the account you registered with. Otherwise all your personal messages go through your VR mail and you have to login here to receive them.

* you can also opt to hide your online status in preferences.


* the "add to friends" link on somebody's profile doesn't seem to work. BUT you can add friends from your own profile by clicking the friends and foes tab, and can get a drop-down list of all members by typing * in the field. Their name will appear once you click on it, but to friend them you must also click the "go" button next to the field. So easy an extremely advanced child could do it...

The other shit is pretty self explanatory. PM me or molly if you have questions.

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Setting up your profile
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